The stairwells presented an interesting scenario due to the repetitive subject matter and generally poor lighting conditions. Stairwells are basically poured concrete and rebar. Support beams and flickering lights are sometimes visible in the ceiling corners. Most high-rise stairwells are similar so my challenge was to develop an interesting but unique image for each one. I would identify and focus on a specific pattern or idea and use it only for that particular building. This allowed me to create a series of pictures that belied the monotonous nature of the environment I was working in.
Hilton Hotel, Ocean City, MD
Braemar Towers, Ocean City, MD
Golden Sands, Ocean City, MD
Carousel, Ocean City, MD
             High Point North, Ocean City, MD
            Capri, Ocean City, MD
                           Thunder Island, Ocean City, MD
              Marigot Beach, Ocean City, MD
             Sea Terrace, Ocean City, MD
              Antigua, Ocean City, MD
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