The idea for Museums was to approach each of them as a regular visitor and take as many photographs as I could of the inside infrastructure, combining them later to form a deconstructed composite. I avoided photographing any artwork or recognizable architecture. In keeping with my other projects about urban structures, my intent was not to accurately depict each museum but, rather, to pay homage to them by focusing on their unseen attributes.​​​​​​​
Brooklyn Museum of Art
Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD
Kreeger Museum, Washington, DC
Dallas Art Museum
Museum of Fine Arts Houston
San Antonio Museum of Art
Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, TX
National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA
Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, MD
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Stedilijk Museum, Amsterdam
Baltimore Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
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