Storefront, New York City
Storefront, New York City
Park Bench, Nashville, TN
Parking Garage, Washington, DC
Crosswalk, Boston
Loading Dock, Boston
Abandoned House, White-Painted Board with Staples, New Orleans
Fence, Richmond, VA
Fence, Seattle
Wall, Seattle
Wall, Chicago
Condominium, Chicago
Brick Housing For Apartment Complex HVAC Unit, Seattle
Grate, Baltimore
Grate, Portland, OR
Grate, Baltimore
         Wall, Boston
Textured Crosswalk, Washington, DC
Wall, Rousseau, Dominica
Wall, Albany, NY
         Construction Site, Denver
         Wall, Ocean City, MD
Large HVAC Grill, Albany, NY
         Stairwell, Century Condominium, Ocean City, MD
Stairwell, Clarion Hotel, Ocean City, MD
Seeds and Twigs on Back of Discarded Sign, Albany, NY
   Office Lights, Hogan Lovells, Washington, DC
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